Experienced by Kimatni Rawlins

The high school fall sports season is canceled in our town, but our girls are still training, performing, and elevating. As far as the guys, me and Georgia Tech brother of 25 years, Gary Joseph, continue to live positively. We clashed on the field (RB vs. LB), we partied like rock stars throwing back four to six Long Islands nightly, we danced to Dancehall Reggae every weekend from DC to Germany to Jamaica, and we both drive Tundra trucks. We also both have daughters only. You can say we had it coming, lol. But now, in our mid-40s, we work out together to keep the body intact and the mind sharp. So twice a week, Gary and I meet up with friends for a group bike ride and track or boxing sessions. It’s incredible when friends can evolve with one another through the various stages of life!