MINI_Folding_Bike_Fit_FathersExperienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

It’s certainly no secret that bike riding is a traditional and family favorite pastime. From mountain bikes to road bikes the industry offers something affable for everyone including moms, Fit Fathers, and kids. Now infuse your ride with advanced technology and mobility concepts to become one of the simplest modes of transportation in the commuter field of play. Welcome to the world of the MINI Folding Bike!

How simple is it to collapse your bicycle into its favorite yogi asana, store easily in the trunk of your vehicle (or by way of the integrated MINI rack), take it into the city by train, and then unfold it to hit the busy, urban streets while navigating simplistically like NBA Champion Stephen Curry through triple coverage? It’s very simple. In the past I would simply walk or run around town when errands or appointments needed to be made. Now I have the scooter bike, which has saved hours on end and provided continuous and simultaneous exercise. My wife and I even thought about taking the $630 MINI Folding Bike to Paris since the European Metropolis is cycle friendly. Yet, I didn’t have the carry bag and strap for optimal efficiency. But everything about this people mover is exciting including its lively Lime Punch hue (also comes in Black). My daughters fought over it, their friends snuck rides whenever possible, and other parents were dazzled by its capabilities.


The lightweight, aluminum frame folds in half by ergonomically sliding one lever downwards. Next, remove the seat and handle bars through a quick latch and bend the pedals inward. Keep in mind this is not a long distance bike since it’s not specifically sized to your particular measurements. Yes, you can adjust the aforementioned seat post and handle bars, but nothing else. This bike is meant for short and quick rides. Its 8-speed shifter is positioned on the right of the bar and changes gears to the rear derailleur to get the smaller 20” wheels rolling. The chain is dirt repellent and Teflon coated, yet it did pop off the cassette quite a few times. Traditional brakes, mudguards, front and rear reflectors, and a removable saddlebag round out the rest of the hybrid’s equipment. Sold separately, the $66 MINI Folding Bike Bag can be attached to the frame through the Klickfix adapter.

We have enjoyed the Fit Fathers Flexible Urban Dweller this summer and look forward to a few more months of energetic autumn riding. For more info on the MINI Folding Bike or to order your very own visit

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