The Nutrition Plans of Different Types of Athletes

Nutrition is an important part of staying fit and healthy. When looking to get inspired and stay motivated, looking at how athletes eat is a great way to keep on top of your own diet. In this post we look at the diets of different types of athletes so that you can get a better understanding of a healthy nutrition plan.

Jessica Ennis-Hill
320px-jessica_ennis_100_mJessica Ennis-Hill is a British Olympian gold medal winner. Speaking to BBC Good Food she gave an insight into the diet that helped her win gold. She told the BBC that her diet varies, as it is important to “enjoy food and not just see it as sustenance.” For breakfast she eats porridge, which provides slow releasing energy throughout the day while her lunch and dinner meals are a combination of lean mean, vegetables and carbohydrates such as pasta or rice. She also stressed the need to allow yourself to indulge saying that she loves Thai and Italian food on her off days.
While you may not be training for a competition or match it is important to know when to eat to maximize performance levels. Life Hacker recommends eating a solid meal 4 hours before exercising and a liquid meal 2-3 hours before. The site also goes on to state that water is much better than energy drinks during exercise as energy drinks don’t increase performance for exercises less than 90 minutes.
Alice Richer – Nutritionist at New England Revolution
Soccer players are some of the fittest athletes on the planet with Premier League betting site Betfair reporting that modern players are expected to cover up to 12 km per 90-minute match. When leading online magazine, Men’s Fitness spoke to Alice Richer, nutritionist at the Major League Soccer team New England Revolution, she told them that she tells players to focus on carbs to increase their intake of fruit and vegetables. Soccer players need to maintain a healthy carb intake so they “don’t get fatigued on the field.” She also emphasized the need to concentrate on the basics and not get lost in the huge amount of information available online.
320px-jared_dudley_sunsJared Dudley
The importance of diet is not only improving fitness but also to improve longevity. Active.com spoke to Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley about his old diet and his new. The NBA star revealed that he used to have a McDonald’s addiction that would have hindered and shortened his career if he hadn’t made changes. This shows that it is never too late to change your diet to achieve your goals. Dudley believes that it is vital to make sure you have breakfast as skipping it often leads to the increased likelihood of eating junk food later.
The examples in this post may not appear to apply to you but the nutrition plans are very simple and can be easily applied to your own diet plans. A balanced diet that includes some indulgences that make it more interesting coupled with eating at the right time can have huge benefits on your own training. The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is motivation and who better to look up to than today’s sport stars to push us harder to achieve our goals.