Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins & Leon Brittain


Nestled in the picturesque hills of Santa Monica, CA near Pacific Palisades lurks a flight of weathered, wooden stairs like no other with 160 to 170 steps (vertical change of about 109 feet). They will either be your gateway to the heavens of triumph or the depths of defeat.

Straight from a 6-hour flight from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles we decided to organize a Fit Fathers “Social Workout” to energize our minds, body, and soul before the workday began. Leon and I were happy to see former Georgia Tech Football teammate, Nick Furguson, attend with his wife and kids. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen Nick and we picked up right where we left off. So never take for granted any moment you have to spend with family and friends. Nick played in the NFL so of course a mental competition was going on between us.

Santa-Monica-Stairs-Fit-Fathers-Workout...06Located at Adelaide Drive and 7th Street (the concrete stairs are located at 4th and Adelaide Drive) in a ritzy, upscale neighborhood you will find both beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts convening at this popular free-form fitness gathering testing their body’s limits. Shortly after arriving into LAX we bee-lined directly to the famed stairs to kick off our day with an eclectic mix of athletes. Some walked gently while others took a more advanced approach with double-stepping, running, and modified lunges. One daring young lady challenged herself with a hop and squat combo. Our team knocked out 10 round trips with 25 push up in-between (total of 250) and ended the session with but kicks, knee-highs, and sprints up and down Adelaide Drive. Unintentionally, the projected 1-hour long workout turned into two without realizing how quickly timed had passed us by.

Afterward we restored electrolytes naturally with coconut water and then headed to Englewood to refuel at our favorite Vegan Pro and Fit Fathers healthy eatery dubbed Stuff I Eat. Owner and good friend Babette Davis is a fan of the Santa Monica Stairs and hits them faithfully every Saturday. The vegan Chef is 64 years old with the physique of a woman half her age. Amazing! So, it was time for the infamous Nut Burger, yams, and raw veggie platter. But then she surprised us with the Lava Burrito which was absolutely amazing. The next plan is to franchise her on the East Coast.


The following day left our calf muscles with that “good burning” sensation of accomplishment. Another fitness and nutritional missioned completed while visiting the City of Angels. Make sure to check the Santa Monica Stairs off your list the next time you’re in town. Don’t worry, they’re positively addictive.

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