Well, it’s that time of the year when families are packing their bags and hitting the road for much deserved summer vacations. Yet, will they stay on course with their fitness and nutritional goals? Most will not. That’s because the majority of society thinks exercise is another job. Yet, it isn’t. You don’t vacation from eating, sleeping or drinking do you? Exercise should be a daily habit since the body requires and yearns for it. Here are a few tips if you don’t plan to hit they gym or run a few miles while vacationing.

  • Challenge your kids to a few hot laps in the pool. The winner gets a fruit smoothie.
  • Sign up for resort activities like beach volleyball and soccer.
  • Walk to the shops instead of paying extra for taxi services.
  • Go for a family bike ride while exploring your vacation city.
  • Carry your luggage in the airport opposed to rolling it.
  • Take the stairs at all times instead of escalators and elevators.
  • Just because you have an all-inclusive wristband doesn’t mean you have to help yourself to 3 servings. Your stomach is the size of your palm. Keep that in mind.
  • For every sugary summer drink match it with two glasses of water.
  • Walk the beach every morning.


No matter what country or state we are in, we rise at 5am or 6am and knockout a morning run or weight session. That way we can enjoy the rest of the day. And if our kids want to race during their afternoon pool session, that’s pro bono!