This quaint and classy vegan cafe is only a 7-minute walk from the Akasaka train station. Of course it’s embedded within the neighborhood scene of Fukuoka so pay attention to where you are heading. The macrobiotic dining is pretty contemporary in comparison to traditional Japanese eateries. Open daily until 10 pm, each day the menu changes with unique and divergent options. My wife Misa and I arrived on a Friday evening and chose a random 5-course set for two replete with:

  •  Chilled tomatoes dipped in a pear and basil purée
  • A soft whole grain roll and a white slice of bread which we turned down
  • Zucchini soup
  • Herb rich Tofu dumplings topped with Bok Choy and radishes smothered in a light tomato     sauce. Amazing!
  • Miso soup and mushroom ginger brown rice
  • Palate cleansing melon sorbet

English is rare at this establishment (at least when we went) and both the menu and website are communicated in Japanese. So expect to be “lost in translation” unless you speak the native tongue like Misa. Our waiter addressed some English but not enough to fully explain the program. Evah’s ambience is set around chill, lounge and jazz music, candle lit decor and a miniature library with travel and culinary books for enjoyment while  patiently awaiting your vegan experience.

Evah charges $30 a person for the 5-set course. There are also some $20 sets with a few less options. However, pricing is based on two so we couldn’t order unique dinners for our $60 meal which was odd. Yes, this is Japanese vegan dining at its finest.


Keep in mind Evah has takeout locations which serve a variety of “Bento Boxes” for roughly $8 to $10. Yet, these meals are well-prepared foods and not the typical fast foods you would expect elsewhere. The location I explored was on floor B2 of the Iwataya Honten department store at Fukuoka station. The other location is nestled at Hakata station. We picked up four meals and chowed down for lunch, dinner and breakfast during our first two days in Fukuoka.


Con- Small portions, pricey

Pros – Pure, delicious, date night environment