Bill and Colin 2

Becoming a father is the single greatest accomplishment of my life and that’s not stretching the truth in any way. I’ve had academic success, athletic success, and professional success, but they all pale in comparison to being a dad. I’m the father of a 5 year old boy, Colin, and 2 year old daughter, Claire and I’m proud to say I’ve passed on my red hair to them both!

KidsBeing a dad means my kids come first and their happiness is my number one priority. I can’t express how much I love my own father and can only hope to be half the father to my children as he was to me. I’ve often asked my father for “secrets” to being a dad and he’s always responded by saying, “I loved you kids as much as I could and just made up the rest!” So this is what I do with my children—I show them as much love as I can and do my best. I love my wife dearly, but no love can measure to the love I have for my children. They give me such pride and provide so much happiness in my life. They now define me in so many ways and my life would not be nearly as joyful without them. As you read this I’ll likely be playing superheroes with my son or reading a book with my daughter, just doing the thing I love most in life — being a Dad.

William J. Kuennen, MSWProgram Director, Back on My Feet Washington, DC